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  • 开始时间:2018-10-18
  • 结束时间:2018-10-21
  • 展会地点:云浮市云城区思劳镇广东佛山(云浮)产业转移工业园
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Yunfu is internationally well-known as “Stone Kingdom”, “National Base & Center of Stone Materials”, “National Model Base of Stone Materials Circulation”, “National Capital of Man-Made Stones” , “National Town for Folk Culture and Arts (Stone Carving)” with more than 4,000 stone enterprises, and over 200,000 employees. Yunfu stone products are sold to 70 countries and regions with tens of billions Yuan of annual gross industrial output value. In recent years, Yunfu has vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of stone industry, raising up the stone market trading volume and its international influence.

After 14 years’ accumulation, the trade turnover of the 14th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and the 8th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival climbed from 150 million to 4.362 billion Yuan. Huge economic benefits of this Fair have been brought to domestic and foreign stone enterprises, and the field of stone import and export trade, stone market, real estate, construction and decoration design industry because of its internationalization and brand influence. With the advantages of stone industry base, international stone demands, geographical location and the port, the scale of 15th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and the 9th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival has expanded from 30,000 square meters to nearly 80,000 square meters.
Great things may be done by mass efforts! From October 18th to 21st, 2018, we sincerely invite you to attend The 15th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and the 9th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival, to enjoy a harvest feast with exquisite stone products, distinctive features, performing wonders under the joint efforts!

展会特色 Features
展会更聚人气/ Popularity
In 2018, the exhibition area reached 80,000 square meters with more than 50,000 visitors. The Fair is to be held in Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Silao Town,Yuncheng District, Yunfu, which will further increase its scale, and fully meet the needs of exhibitors from home and abroad with convenient transportation, complete facilities and more visitors

目前,来自意大利、土耳其、伊朗等知名六合开奖结果生产国、采购团, 国内福建、上海、山东、广东以及云浮本地的六合开奖结果企业、机械企业已明确表示参展,届时约有500家的参展商展出全球最先进的六合开奖结果采集、加工设备和技术,汇聚门类最齐全的板材、异型材和工艺品。
At present, famous stone producers from Italy, Turkey, Iran and the like, purchasing groups, and stone enterprises, machinery enterprises from Fujian, Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong and local Yunfu have made it clear to be our exhibitors. By then, nearly 500 exhibitors will show their most advanced equipments and technology of stone mining and processing, and all kinds of slabs, shaped stone and handicrafts in this Fair.

市场更广阔/Bigger Market
Thanks to the upstream and downstream relationships established over the years in the real estate industry, the Fair is to invite contractors, traders, construction and decoration companies and government infrastructure units all over China. At the same time, site visits to Yunfu stone industry cluster of more than 4,000 stone and crafts enterprises for business talks are warmly welcomed

媒体合作更广/Wider Media Cooperation
The Fair will make full use of exhibition industry database resources by advertising promotion and special coverage through 40 home and abroad industrial publications, professional websites and mass media authority as well as the SMS, outdoor promotion, DM leaflet, e-mail and other ways. We will ensure full coverage of publicity and the professional audience overtake the last.

Support Units:
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China Stone Material Association
China Ornamental Stone Association

主办单位: 云浮市人民政府
Host Units:
People's Government of Yunfu Municipality
Culture Department of Guangdong Province
Guangdong Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

承办单位: 云浮市云城区人民政府
Organizers: People's Government of Yuncheng District, Yunfu Municipality
People's Government of Yun'an District, Yunfu Municipality
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Yunfu Municipality
Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film, Television and Copyright of Yunfu Municipality
Yunfu Yunshi Stone Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

协办单位: 云浮市六合开奖结果商会
Yunfu Stone Chamber of Commerce
Yunfu Machinery Industry Association
Yunfu Youth Stone Culture Industrial Exchange & Promotion Association
Yunfu Arts and Crafts Industry Association
Yunfu Ornamental Stone Association
Yun’an Stone Chamber of Commerce

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网 址Web:www.yffair.com
邮箱 E-mail:yfsyssc@163.com

展会回顾 Review
From January 23rd to 26th, 2017, the 14th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and the 8th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival were held inYunfu International Stone Expo & Trading Center, lasting for 4 days with the exhibition area of 100,000 square meters. Participating merchants came from Italy, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey and other over 10 countries and regions. The total trade volume of the stone Fair reached to RMB 4.362 billion .

展会介绍 Introduction
The 15th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and The 9th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival will be held from October 18th to 21st, 2018 in Foshan(Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park,Silao Town,Yuncheng District, Yunfu, . The exhibition area reaches 80,000 square meters. Visitors will exceed the number of50,000. Stone blocks, natural & man-made stone products, stone crafts products as well as stone processing equipment and accessories, etc. from domestic and abroad will be exhibited.
With stone as the media, with culture as the soul, we will strengthen both hard and soft construction of the Fair, and strive to make it the biggest in China and the first-class professional stone and crafts exhibition in the world. We sincerely invite stone and crafts companies to attend the Fair, and carry business talks for more business opportunities by cooperation!

展品范围 Ranges
Granite, marble blocks and slabs, artificial stone, micro-crystalline stone, synthetic stone products; Mosaic, parquet, fireplace, cabinet board, lines, wash basin and shaped stone, slate, grave stone and other stone products; garden landscape stone, queer stone, carving stone, jade stone, jewelry and other related crafts cultural products;
Stone processing machinery, stone mining equipment and processing tools, testing instruments and other large machinery products;
Stone protection products, sizing agent, diamond saw blade, abrasive and other auxiliary materials; professional stone material, design and construction technology, scientific research achievements, industry websites and media.

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